Lorna Jane // How to follow your intuition to build a global empire

Today's episode is in celebration of International Women's Day and I'm absolutely thrilled to have my good friend, model and presenter, Tegan Martin, join me as a guest host for this healthy conversation.

In celebration of International Women's Day we could not think of a more incredible female leader to interview than the woman behind a global empire that has inspired women to fearless pursue their wildest dream, while wearing activewear along the way

Coining the term 'activewear' back in 1989, Lorna Jane now has over 200 retail stores globally and has cultivated a global community of women to lead active lifestyles.

Self funding the business, Lorna talks to us about building her empire from ground up, the importance of a positive attitude and mindset, why you should live within your means and what female leadership means to her.

Lorna Jane is humble, incredibly kind and ridiculously hardworking. This one is for all the women across the global, may you fearless chase your dreams (and don't forget to wear your activewear along the way).

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