Ange Simson // The Gratitude Project

Ange Simson - Female health & happiness coach, love filled writer and speaker, mum of two girls and cheerleader for wellbeing. This woman is beyond inspiring and we know that you are going to take so much away from this episode.

Growing up in Sunny Townsville in QLD, you could say that Ange had a very blessed childhood with a wonderful family, relatively unaffected by tragedy but as a young teen she suffered from debilitating migraines which would often cause her to lose her vision and feel unbearable pain.

It wasn't until Ange decided to take an active interest in her own health and wellness and made healthy lifestyle changes that her life dramatically changed for the better.

This transformation inspired her to study at the world's largest school of holistic nutrition, The IIN which sparked a big hearted desire to help others to live their best lives in a state of gratitude and happiness.

Now Ange is the founder of The Gratitude Project and more recently The Gratitude Gang - leading so many to their best health and freedom whilst also being a present conscious mumma. Enjoy xo