Ash & Stacey // #CoupleGoals

Ash & Stacey // #CoupleGoals

I had the absolute pleasure of having a fun chat with one of my favourite couples, Ash & Stacey.

Living the dream life in sunny Byron Bay, Ash & Stacey were fan favourites on channel 7’s MRK, before Ash who is better known as The Friendly Pirate got an eye infection that forced the couple to make the difficult decision to depart the series.

A keen surfer and lover of the outdoors, Ash lost his eye roughly ten years ago after being involved in a horrific accident where a guy throw a glass bottle that caught Ash and ended up taking out his eye.

He is now back in the ocean and training for the professional surfing tour with his beautiful fiancé and love of his life, social media influencer and fashion guru Stacey Allen by his side. The couple got engaged last year in May and now live a wholesome, happy life together in Byron Bay.

I’m lucky enough to know this beautiful, fun loving couple personally and so when they were on a recent trip to Melbourne I stole them for a fun little chat to find what makes them so damn awesome.


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