Charlie De Haas

If you look up the definition of hustler in the dictionary, we're pretty sure today's guest would be listed.

Charlie De Haas is the unstoppable wellness goddess behind the insta famous Clean Treats Factory in Sydney. Best known for her #CharliesBalls this powerhouse entrepreneur has made 'having your chocolate and eating too' acceptable and most importantly healthy.

From rolling bliss balls in her kitchen to a multi-million dollar empire Charlie's drive is seriously inspiring (and pretty damn delicious).

But it has taken a lot of hard work, endless hustle and some very gutsy decisions to get there.

Inviting us into her breathtaking plant-based café, The Clean Treats Factory, we enjoyed a matcha latte while chatting to this healthy hustler about what it took to get to where she is, why she thinks the word balance is a swear word and her passion for being the healthy change in the world.