Jess Sepel

Graceful, warm and incredibly inspiring are just a few ways to describe today's guest.

At just 29 years of age Jess Sepel has well and truly made her mark on the health and well-being industry.

An avid foodie, Jess' passion lies in giving her global community recipes, advice and knowledge that help them flourish.

A Clinical Nutritionist, Best selling author, and founder of JS Health, she created a global online community after hitting rock bottom then overcoming a negative and toxic relationship with food that found her engaging in fad dieting and restrictive eating since the age of 14.

This week Jess released her JS Health app which is the world's first online nutrition clinic. The app allows you to have a nutritionist in your pocket and provides access to whole food recipes, meal plans, health advice and qualified nutritionist for as little as $3 per week!

Welcoming us into her stunning, light filled Sydney home we chat to Jess about her about her journey from fad dieter to health food guru, embracing self love and the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

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