Liv Phyland

Ever wondered what it was like to have a dream career in high school and then be living it a few years later? Well you're about to find out as we chat to the incredibly beautiful and absolutely hilarious Liv Phyland.

Raised in country NSW and currently residing in beachside Bondi, this happy, energetic babe is someone that you instantly want to make your best friend forever.

Wise beyond her years, Liv is best known for her role as kids Television Presenter on ABC 3 and in more recent years The Loop on channel 11.

But it doesn't stop there, this beautiful soul has also turned her passion for supporting young girls into action after co-founded Girls Who Girl, an initiative that fosters an empowering environment for teenage girls to realise their full potential.

Funny, kind and a heart of pure gold Liv Phyland is the type of person the world needs more of.
Warmly welcoming us into her beautiful and bright Bondi apartment we sit down and chat about always styling true to yourself, the importance of balance and daily rituals and how to create a community that positively supports others mental wellbeing.