Lola Berry

Born and bred in Melbourne, it doesn't seem overly necessary to give the uber successful Lola Berry a formal introduction.

The nutritionist, regular TV guest, author and owner of Happy Place Smoothie Bar here in Melbourne, Lola quickly gained the attention of Australians when she lost 20 kilograms in just 20 weeks by adopting a paleo inspired diet.

Lola's transformation sparked the release of her first two books The 20/20 Diet and The 20/20 Cook Book and today the energetic, happy go lucky foodie is the author of 10 incredible books.

The queen of the kitchen in our eyes, but some would say Lola has had more than her fair share of backlash and negative criticism. In this interview Lola speaks about how she deals with the naysayers and despite them continues to thrive.

In line with the release of her 10th book The Yoga Body, which we must add is absolutely incredible and potentially her best yet, we chat to this laid back babe about what it takes to truly live your truth, how to continue to always run your own race and what spiritual practices help keep her grounded.